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Giving Humzingers a fresh new look

You might have noticed that our Humzingers range is sporting a fresh new look this spring, and whilst our packaging might look a little different, our fruit sticks taste just as delicious as ever.

With guaranteed 100% fruit goodness and a ‘no junk’ nutritional offering, our Humzingers fruit sticks have been developed specifically with children’s and parents’ needs in mind.

Conveniently portion packed, Humzingers are free from added sugar and contain no artificial colours or flavours – perfect for satisfying kids’ hunger cravings, whether you’re at home or on the move!

And with ten fruity flavours to choose from, including apple, apricot, blackcurrant, cherry, pineapple, strawberry and raspberry, there’s something to suit everyone!

Our very own Brand Manager, Carl Widdop, said:

“Parents are well aware of the dangers of too much sugar when it comes to children’s diets, so Humzingers were originally designed to offer a wholesome snacking solution that would keep the whole family happy.

“We’ve stayed true to our roots with Humzingers, by continuing to offer a ‘no junk’ nutritional offering that’s packed with 100% fruit, whilst our new look packs have moved to a more natural look and feel to reflect this.”

So, keep a close eye out for our new look packs on the supermarket shelves – they’re in store now!